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icon_widget_image VIAKORP, s.r.o.,        Strážska cesta 7892      960 01 Zvolen icon_widget_image office@viakorp.sk
Ján Mohyla icon_widget_image + (421) 948 765 293 icon_widget_image betonaren@viabeton.sk
icon_widget_image Pondelok-Piatok: 7:00 do 16:30; Sobota: 7:00 do 12:00 icon_widget_image + (421) 940 999 369 icon_widget_image obchod@stavebninysts.sk icon_widget_image info@stavebninysts.sk Vedúci predajne: Martin Babiak icon_widget_image + (421) 948 900 411


The construction company VIAKORP has been building for you since 2007. During this period we have managed to realize many smaller and larger construction projects and realizations. The subject of our activity are construction works for transport, land, industrial and engineering projects, earthworks carried out by our own machinery, budget calculations, surveying works, performance of construction manager and construction supervision. Our activity also includes the division of sales of building materials – Stavebniny STS, Krupina (VIABAU, s.r.o.) and concrete plant in Krupina (VIABETON, s.r.o.).
About us

Construction company (not only) locally focused

We carry out construction work within the Banská Bystrica region, especially focusing on the towns of Zvolen, Krupina or Žiar nad Hronom, but we can also travel to clients throughout Slovakia. We are ready to make buildings that change lives. Our basic portfolio of services includes:

  • realization of roads and paved areas,
  • civil engineering,
  • implementation of production, warehouse and prefabricated halls,
  • engineering and water management construction,
  • provision of project documentation,
  • geodetic services,
  • performance of the activities of the construction manager and construction supervision,
  • winter maintenance,
  • development projects and others.

Why choose VIAKORP?

At our company, we focus on detail, quality and transparency in all aspects of our work. Our clients are our partners and we work closely with them to ensure that the outcome exceeds their expectations.

Our projects are a testament to our expertise, innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Clients told about us

Contracting authority, realization: 2022

Satisfied customer

I was extremely satisfied with the execution of the earthworks and excavation works on the construction of the house, everything went as expected and especially within the time schedule. I can only recommend.

Guesthouse manager, realization: 2021

Satisfied customer

The implementation of paved areas, earthworks for the tennis courts and parking lot were delivered by VIAKORP in above standard quality. Precise work from experts in the construction industry.