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Winter in Slovakia brings with it beautiful snowy scenery, but also challenging conditions on roads and trails. 
Winter maintenance is crucial to ensure the safety of pedestrians and motorists.

Cesty a spevnené plochy

The main objective of winter road maintenance is to keep roads and pavements in a passable and passable condition. This prevents traffic accidents and pedestrian falls, which are an increased risk during the winter months.

Winter maintenance also contributes to the flow of traffic and the overall comfort of life during the winter months.

Responsibility for winter maintenance

Responsibility for winter maintenance of roads and pavements is divided between different entities:

  • Class I roads: Slovak Road Administration
  • Class II + III roads: Road owners (municipalities, self-governing regions)
  • Footpaths: Owners of adjacent properties (municipalities, natural persons)

Winter maintenance includes various activities that are carried out as required depending on the current weather conditions.

Core activities include:

  • Snow clearance: snow drifts and snow accumulation make traffic difficult and increase the risk of accidents. It is therefore important to clear them from roads and pavements in good time.
  • Gritting pavements and roads with inert material: Gritting pavements and roads with inert material (sand, gravel) reduces slipperiness and makes it easier for pedestrians and motorists to move around.
  • Chemical gritting: In critical cases, sodium chloride (NaCl) or other de-icing agents are used for chemical gritting of roads and pavements.

Winter maintenance is an important part of the winter season and contributes to the safety and comfort of pedestrians and motorists.

Road maintenance is carried out in Krupina to ensure the smooth flow and safety of road traffic, especially during the winter months. It is mainly about mitigating the effects of winter weather effects on the passability and passability of asphalt and gravel roads, parking areas, sidewalks and other public spaces.