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icon_widget_image VIAKORP, s.r.o.,        Strážska cesta 7892      960 01 Zvolen icon_widget_image office@viakorp.sk
Ján Mohyla icon_widget_image + (421) 948 765 293 icon_widget_image betonaren@viabeton.sk
icon_widget_image Pondelok-Piatok: 7:00 do 16:30; Sobota: 7:00 do 12:00 icon_widget_image + (421) 940 999 369 icon_widget_image obchod@stavebninysts.sk icon_widget_image info@stavebninysts.sk Vedúci predajne: Martin Babiak icon_widget_image + (421) 948 900 411


VIAKORP’s core philosophy is to provide quality service to all. Client satisfaction is our priority.

We are more than just a construction company. We are a team of enthusiasts who bring something new, high quality and the utmost dedication to every project. From small homes for living, to large prefabricated sheds, to road construction, our work is based on reliability, sustainability, excellence. Our work is not only about building, but also about building strong relationships with our clients and the community.

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