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Our services

Roads and reinforced surfaces

  • Earthworks
  • Implementation of subsurface backfill layers
  • Asphalt-concrete roads
  • Hardened surfaces and parking spaces
  • Pavements
  • Construction and reconstruction of towns and/or villages

Building Construction

  • Construction and reconstruction of domestic homes
  • Construction and reconstruction of administrative buildings
  • Thermal insulations
  • Plasterboard walls, ceilings, eaves, facias
  • Wall and floor tiling

Industrial Builds

  • Production and warehouses
  • Prefabricated load bearing structures made from concrete or steel
  • Piling,micropiling and underpinning

Engineering and water management structures

  • Construction and reconstruction of domestic homes
  • Earthworks
  • Sewerage and water supply
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Implementation of flood protection
  • Flow regulation of rivers

Construction costing and budget management

  • We provide itemized budget of buildings and all necessary reports regarding size and calculation of unit prices using the CENKROS PLUS program.

The performance of the construction manager

Any changes or proposed modifications to the construction can be carried out by qualified persons with certified paperwork but any submitted changes must be approved by the site manager.

Building Supervisor
  • Monitors the manner and procedure of the construction work in such a way as to guarantee health and safety at work, proper installation and operation of technical equipment on-site, professional storage of materials, equipment and machinery. Monitors and administers the construction log,
  • Is responsible for the compliance of the spatial position with the construction documentation, for compliance with the general technical requirements for the construction and is co- responsible for compliance with the conditions and decisions issued for the execution of the construction, with particular attention to zoning and building permits.

Procurement of project documentation

We cooperate with several renowned and experienced design studios that have at their disposal teams of professional designers who provide us and our clients with quality and accurate project documentation for complete project procurement all the way from beginning to end.